terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

New Litter - Blues V. Fivelzight at Dicar X Dicar Xena

On november 2nd, we had a very wonderful litter out of Blues V. Fivelzight at Dicar and Dicar Xena. This litter gave us 4 beautiful babies: 2 fawn boys, a brindle boy and a Pied fawn girl. We were most pleased with these newcomers. Our intention on these mating was to inbreed to Daulokke's Chef Zaranoff, Confucius De La Parure and also to Texas Boy V. Fivelzight. 

You can visualize the litter's pedigree accessing ingrus at http://ingrus.net/frbull/en/testmating.php?female=27234&male=23124&gens=6

We're really happy with the result of this mating, although it's too early to say anything about them, but we're very happy up to now.

From the left to right - Dicar Lacoste, Dicar Lamborghini and Dicar Lotus

 Dicar Lacoste

Dicar Lotus

Dicar Lotus

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