segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013

Ranking update

It's been quite a few time since we last posted here in our Blog. We've been working hard and fortunately, we have some very nice news from our dogs.

We have got the top #2 dog in Brazil, which happens to be a Bitch we bred - Dicar Brauna. Also, our imported dog Kingfriend Mr Situation is #3 in our ranking, and also #1 in the imported ranking. 

And last but not least, our friends from Skoegul Kennel, owners of Dicar Skoegul must be very happy as they own the #4 dog in the ranking.

To cream the cake, Dicar Hur, is #9 in our ranking, so the top 10 dogs, have 4 dogs owned or bred by us.

Also, currently we are the #1 French Bulldog breeders here in Brazil.
(15/04/2013 partials)

We can't say how happy we are with all those results. There are no words to describre the feeling of doing a good job with our dogs, without any excuses or subterfuges. We play hard, we work hard and we love them, which is the key for doing anything in the proper way.

Thank you Monica, who handles our dogs and love them as much as we do. We also wish to thank Bia and Moisés, owners of Skoegul Kennel, for the great work with Dicar Skoegul and Dicar Hummer. 

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